Wandering These Haunts

"So you're at a bar trying to drown your blues, and the band knows just what to play. They're right there with you. They're feeling the hurt, facing the ugliness. But then, something changes — they make you look up. They let in the light. They fill your heart with hope and hallelujahs. That's what Wandering These Haunts sounds like to me: an Americana gospel for an R-rated reality. The Bruised Hearts Revue are good medicine." - Jeffrey Overstreet, lookingcloser.org

"The second album by TBHR, Wandering These Haunts, is perfectly titled. The band meanders through established sounds of blues/folk/Americana/country/gospel/rock to offer a fresh combination for its Seattle audience. The music commands your attention with its energy and power, pulling the listener into its orbit of honesty. In a musical landscape of lyrical ambiguity, music with intention stands apart. There is a strong theme that develops through these 11 tracks and reaches clarity in the closing Hank Williams cover. This is an album worth many listens, so go ahead! Enjoy the music in the first few listens, then hone in on what TBHR has to say." 
-Chris Gough

The Bruised Hearts Revue latest release, Wandering These Haunts, finds singer-songwriter Knathan Ryan weaving deftly between the raucous and the religious. Throughout the eleven tracks this creates a satisfying tension: too brooding to be sentimental, too hopeful to leave you depressed. Closing with Hank Williams' iconic "I Saw the Light", the tension remains as salvation is sung with the echoes of the writer's own tragic life.  Sonically speaking, while Ryan is quick to claim his Texas pedigree in "Bicentennial", the album feels immediately Seattle, as if emerging, fully realized, from any venue between Ballard to Georgetown. In this sense, it's something you want to hear live. As a studio project it accomplishes no small feat, capturing a full band's true-to-life energy. - Luke Morton, singer-songwriter/composer